Omgeving Zonnehuis

The photo above is taken from the Bence Hegy on the north side of the lake.

The more you can fine sailing and surfing.
In several places you can rent water sports.
On the north side of the lake is the Velence Mountains.
There is excellent walking. There is a nature reserve where several protected plants - and bird species. At various places around the lake it is worthwhile to throw a fishing line. Do you have a permit!

Most beaches are on the south and east of the lake.
The places Agard, Gárdony, Velencefürdö, Kápolánsnyek, Velence are grown together to form the tourist center of the Velence. Sukoró leans 2 km away from Velence to.
In Velence is from the Bence hegy (mountain) a fantastic view over the lake, pictured above.
In every place you will find beaches and there are plenty of opportunities for entertainment.
Sukoró from the nearest beach is the beach in Velence.
Restaurants, Csárda, outdoor terraces and some museums will be happy as our guest.
In the summer months in Agard and pop concerts given there are sailing and canoe races.
For current information on organized activities you can free trilingual booklet "Velence to" pick up at the tourist office in Velence.
View from the roof of Sukoró.
The church stands proudly.
On the background you see Lake Velence.
This is the same church, the Katolikustemplom.
The photo left is made on the south side of the village Velence Velence (Ujtelep).
It is a gated beach for a few Euros entrance all day enjoy.
The free beaches are crowded.

The Velence with an area of ​​approximately 26 square kilometers is relatively small.
It is approximately 11 km long and 2.3 km wide.
Because of the shallow depth, an average of about 1.5 meters, has the water in the summer, a comfortable temperature of about 26 to 28 degrees.
The lake bottom is soft and the water is shallow coastal
The transition from beach to water is mostly sandy, but here and there with a stony so you can step into the water. Where necessary, these steps are present.
On the north side of the lake is the Velence Mountains.
There is excellent walking.
The left photo shows a jagged rock formation where a sculptor would envy.
The soil is in many places gimped by wild boars.
We are on our walk in this area in broad daylight almost run over by a galloping deer. Even on a hot day, the forest is cool. Recommended!